Business Model

Fox & Co Real Estate
As a business model we are able to offer superior real estate services to achieve a premium return for our clients.

The internet has enabled buyers to sit in comfort and surf the web in search of their next purchase. We have recognised that gone are the days where buyers only stand at an agency shop front.

So, we have formed a business model that combines both excellent website access and the benefits of a physical presence in the community.

But don’t just listen to us, read what other real estate Principals are saying.

In a recent article in Real Estate Business magazine,  “Shop Fronts  Vs Virtual offices “ the following statements were made from leading real estate agents within the industry.

Shane Evans said “According to statistics, there is a 96% chance a buyer will look at an online source before they buy a home. People are not walking into offices anymore.”

In a recent blog Mat Steinwede, Principal of a real estate business told his subscribers that the internet has taken the place of the window display. “Gone are the days when a buyer will walk around from real estate office to real estate office.”  “Buyers don’t even want to go into a real estate office”

Technology has made it very easy for buyers to sit at home and search through all properties available, from all agents.”

Mark Shorrock, Sales Manager at Ray White Bellbowie said, “I now work  as sales manager from my own home office, and I don’t see this as a problem. Very few of our clients have raised this setup as a problem, either.”

(Ref:  Real Estate Business June 2012 issue Shop fronts Vs Virtual offices)

However, our own experience has shown that both sellers and buyers, rightly, want the best of both worlds. For sellers, having their property displayed in a modern LED window display gives them peace of mind that their property is continually visable to potential buyers. It is an unfortunate fact that unless a seller pays for premium internet marketing, the online sites only hold the latest additions on the front page for a short time and it does not take long before a seller’s property drops down several pages.

Buyers often visit locations for research if they are thinking of moving to an area, particularly if they are thinking of a more rural lifestyle. Buyers enjoy the opportunity to drop in and make enquiries with a real person who can discuss their requirements then and there, rather than communicating entirely by email.

Why not benefit from a market leader in both virtual and physical real estate marketing?

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