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Ken Granshaw

Areas of expertise: Home Loans including First Home Buyers and Construction, Personal Loans, Commercial Loans, Real Estate, Small Business, Leasing, Insurance


To me, it’s more than just getting a loan, it’s helping you achieve your dreams of a better lifestyle. Think of where you are now and then think of where you would really like to be. The journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step, and like any significant journey, it takes a plan, a road map and a group of trusted people to help you reach your goal.

My job is being part of your team, being your guide through the streets of the financial world. Mapping out exactly where you want to live in this world and then setting the GPS co-ordinates to find that specific location. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience as an investor in real estate and the stock market as well as being a business owner for over 30years. I’ve had successes and made mistakes through lack of knowledge and bad advise.

So what does this mean for you?

My experience can save you the same costly mistakes. You can have an experienced guide to help you define your road map, to travel the road to each destination, avoid the financial potholes and arrive at the lifestyle you want. With 30 Lenders available you can have certainty that your loan will be the right loan for what you want to achieve. Please contact me to discuss how you can get started on 07 3289 2828.