The cooler mornings and nights are nearly upon us

The cooler mornings and nights are nearly upon us. This means that to keep warm your energy usage increases, which contributes to global warming and the family budget.

You do not have to make big a change, try a few smaller changes first and move on from there.

Close all windows and doors to rooms that are not being used, this will help your heater or fireplace work more effectively by not having to heat up a larger area.

Most of your body heat is lost through your head and feet. Wear a beanie and some socks to keep warm.

A nice warm drink or cup of soup can warm up your core temperature as well as provide some energy to keep warm.

On tiled, wooden or bare floors, lay a rug down to provide a barrier between the cold surface and the area above it.

Re-arrange your furniture away from doorways and combine them with cushions and throwovers to snuggle into during the evenings.

For the fire place or burner there are some great environmentally fuels you can burn.
Cook some dinner or food, try cooking hearty soups or stews or any other dishes that will warm up your core temperature. If you using the oven, when you finish baking, turn the oven off and keep the door open to disperse the heat into the room. Likewise with a dryer, if your laundry is inside keep the laundry door open and let the exhaust heat slowly circulate.

Keep your curtains or blinds on the south facing windows open during the day to let the sunlight and heat enter the house, and night close them to trap in the heat. Ensure that the windows are clean to let in as much light and heat as possible.

Use body heat, winter is the time to get close to people and rug up together under a blanket whilst watching TV or a movie. Pets are also great for this, and remember you are helping to keep them warm as well.

Install insulation and reversible vent systems in your roof to let hot air escape during summer and trap hot hair in during winter.

If using A/C systems set the thermostat to a comfortable level. Ideally this should be around the temperature that you still need to wear a light jumper or sweater. Any higher and a lot of the heat is just lost into the atmosphere.

Exercise in the early evening, go for a small run or some sort of other physical activity. Follow up with a hot shower, quickly rug up to preserve all that heat.