The summer and market is cooling down!


Summer is coming to an end and autumn will see the temperatures cooling, but will this also see the property market doing the same?

It has been a busy period for sales over the summer months for Fox & Co and buyer activity is still strong here in Samford and Dayboro areas. Samford is still the place to live if you want that rural setting but closeness to the city.  The area of the market with most activity in Samford is between $650 and $1.2 million, above this figure the number of buyers is small and very discerning.

Dayboro has seen an increase in buyer activity over the year as buyers see the value in new land and established old homes within the township. This has seen the average price increase significantly over the year, though this has dropped off in the last month.

How the market is to fair over the next quarter is unclear; talk of maybe an early federal election will undoubtedly put a damper on people making any decisions to move. Also the budget will soon be upon us and historically buyer activity slows during this period.

Long term we are hearing of a property bubble in Melbourne and Sydney like the world has never seen. This may be a positive for Queensland with homeowners looking to sell and move to the more affordable Brisbane area.

In conclusion the next quarter is likely to be quiet with just steady buyer activity and static to very little growth in house prices for the Samford and Dayboro areas.