We move into winter and the Market is in limbo.

We move into the colder months with property growth values static when taking into account inflation which currently sits at around 2.6%.
The RP Data April figures have shown a small increase in Brisbane of 0.6% over the month but when taking the consumer price index over the same period of 0.7% we can almost say house price growth is flat.
Yearly inflation is running at a mean average of 2.425% and current growth in the Brisbane property market is 2.2% showing an overall fall of 0.22% when inflation is factored in.

Mr Lawless (CoreLogics RPData head of research) has stated” “While the headline growth figures remain strong it is clear that some markets are winding down.”



Rental Sector.

The rental markets are still seen as sluggish with growth over the last year in weekly rental values increasing by only 1.7% over the last year across the capital cities.

Statistics still show investor buying has reduced significantly and as this was the major driving factor in the market over the last year.

The reserve is yet to meet at the time this article was published but most economists are factoring a further 25 basis points in May. Should this occur then we may yet see increased activity in the property market here in Samford and Dayboro areas.