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Don't believe us, take a quick look at what our Clients say! 

66 Tom Schmidt Crt, Mount Samson

Jacqueline of Fox & Co Real Estate in Dayboro Qld is one of those rare people who treat those around them and their customers with honesty and the utmost respect. Having bought and sold several properties in Queensland and ACT and dealing with a wide variety of real estate agents, we can say that we have never met an agent as unique as Jacqueline.

Professionalism, listening and listening to the client's requests, not putting pressure on them, doing everything possible to achieve the client's goal - that's Jacqueline. She persistently pursued the goal of her customers and - this is a very important point - reached the goal and protected her customers from major financial losses.

On top of that. The "subject to finance" contract prompted Jacqueline to take out a backup contract with an even higher price.

That was something we had never experienced before.

Conclusion: as a customer, you are in good hands with Jacqueline and can be sure that this real estate agent will do everything to achieve the best result for her customers in a friendly, very human and absolutely honest manner. She familiarized herself with all the details of the property for sale so that she was able to answer all of the prospective buyer's questions and no further queries were necessary. That was unique. We hadn't experienced that before. Before any publication, all documents, texts and images were discussed with the customer and – very importantly – the customer's wishes were always addressed. Another very important point was that Jacqueline was always available by phone.

Dieta and Hella - Sellers

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